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Original Land Rover Santana Series III, powered with a 2.25 4 Cylinders diesel engine, four speed, with two transfer speed 4×4 powerful for off road adventures.

FULL VIN: E-50314725 (From European Factory for Land Rovers series II & III)

The Vehicle is USA eligible for imports (DOT & EPA exempt).


4 cylinders diesel engine (DIESEL FUEL) 2.2L 4-in-line

113K Kilometers (Showed) ~ 68K Miles

4 Wheels drive, rear wheel drive, with connectable front gear and 4×4 mode.

5 Brand New Tyres

Recently fully serviced

Vehicle free of Rust, and the engine runs very well (videos available)

CONDITION: Very good condition for a 48 Year old vehicle, the engine is in good conditions, this vehicle is to enjoy it every day, there is nothing to do it, the frame and body is in excellent conditions and the engine is original from factory.

1973 Land Rover Santana Series III, 4×4 drive, is a left-hand drive vehicle that was manufactured under Land Rover license by Santana Motors in Spain (Classic & Strong vehicle). The Series III truck is currently in Europe (Spain), ready to ship to the US, it’s was serviced and cleaned and painted in Europe by previous owner (ONLY ONE OWNER BEFORE, WITH A CLEAN ORIGINAL TITLE) ,(Please note that this is not a restored vehicle, is just an used vehicle in very good conditions). The engine power is from a 2.25-liter diesel inline four cylinder motor,  with a four-speed manual gearbox and two speed transfer case all working good.

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